Second World War Bomb Found in the Downtown Section of the Danube to Be Lifted in the Morning

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The Second World War bomb found in the downtown section of the Danube will be lifted from water this morning; due to the works to be carried out between the Chain Bridge and Erzsébet Bridge, traffic restrictions affecting public transport will come into effect in several districts; the evacuation of the area affects several properties in district I.


First Lieutenant Milán Gajdos, the communication officer of the fire brigade of the Hungarian Defense Forces, informed MTI last Thursday that the firefighting divers of the Metropolitan Disaster Management Directorate found a hundred-kilogram Soviet-made aerial bomb in the river section between the Elizabeth Bridge and the Chain Bridge during their practice dive.

According to his statement, in order to safely remove and neutralize the explosive device, the area will be closed in a radius of about four hundred meters.

The Budapest Police Headquarters previously announced that the affected area would be evacuated and closed from 8:30 a.m. until early afternoon.

According to the information of the Budapest Transport Center (BKK), the lower quay in Buda between Erzsébet Bridge and Halász street, the lower wharf in Pest between Szabadság Bridge and Chain Bridge, and Lánchíd street will be closed from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., as well as in the surrounding side streets you also have to prepare for restrictions.

It was written on the website on Sunday that from 10 a.m. the lower wharf in Buda between Rákóczi Bridge and Halász street, and the lower wharf in Pest between Közraktár street and Chain Bridge will be closed.

The BKK also announced earlier that from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., trams 2, 2B and 2M will run on two sections, between the southern terminus and Boráros tér, and between Széchenyi István square and Jászai Mari square.

Tram 19 runs on two sections, between Kelenföld railway station and Döbrentei square, and between Batthyány square and Bécsi road/Vörösvári road. Tram 41 runs on a modified route between the Rudas Spa and the Szent Lukács Spa on the route Krisztina Blvd. – Széll Kálmán square – Margit Blvd.

Bus 105 in Buda uses a modified route, instead of Lánchíd utca, it runs on Attila road and Krisztina Blvd. In Pest, buses 105 and 178 go to Gyöngyösi street on Petőfi Sándor street, and to Buda on Blvd.

The evacuation of the area affects several properties. According to the announcement of the Budapest municipality, the evacuation of properties facing Lánchíd street, Ybl Miklós square, Döbrentei street, and the Várkert and leaving the area will begin at 8 a.m. on Monday.

The municipality also announced that the Virág Benedek House (Döbrentei street 9.) will operate as a reception center for the duration of the deactivation.


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