Water Police Did Not Find the Man Who Fell Into the Danube Before the Fireworks

Local News

On Saturday afternoon, before the fireworks, a man fell into the Danube at the Buda bridgehead of Margit Bridge.


Bors magazine wrote that according to the witnesses, the man tried to stay on the surface for a while and was then swallowed by the water.

In response to 24.hu’s question, the Budapest Police Headquarters wrote that on August 27th, at 2:54 p.m., the emergency department received a report that a man swimming in the Danube had disappeared in the water between the Margit Bridge, the head of the bridge in Buda, and Margit Island.

BRFK Danube Water Police Police Department and the subordinates of the XIII. District Police Department started the search immediately. The search continued on Sunday, but so far they have not found a trace of him.

Photo: MTI

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