Protesters Block Erzsébet Bridge

Local News

Several hundred protesters against a new law on the kata small business tax blocked Erzsébet bridge on the Pest side of the capital early in the evening on Thursday.


The protest had been organised by the satirical non-parliamentary Two Tailed Dog Party (MKKP). A trailer has been placed on the inner lanes of the bridge and tables and benches have been set up next to it. Speakers addressed the protesters, talking about the negative consequences they felt as a result of changes approved by parliament on Tuesday to the kata small business tax.


Péter Márki-Zay, the former prime ministerial candidate of the united opposition, told the protesters that the government had needed 100 days to prove that “all of their campaign promises were lies”. The protest which started at 5.30pm was peaceful at 9pm, with police checking the IDs of some people who had sprayed graffiti on the pavement. Police said on their website that the protesters had occupied all lanes of the bridge and traffic would be diverted on both sides of the bridge, including several bus services.


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