A two-year-old girl in Pilis drowned in the garden pool

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On Sunday, the Budapest unit of the Hungarian Children’s Rescue Foundation received an alarm in Pilis from a two-year-old girl who fell into the pool and could not save her life after a long struggle, the foundation said on its Facebook page on Monday.

As it was written, their ambulance from Balatonlelle also marched to Balatonszárszó on Sunday, where a three-year-old boy was pulled out of the garden pool, who had already sunk in the water. Fortunately, the little boy was rescued in time.

According to the foundation’s experience, garden pool accidents mostly occur when adults are in the house and children, taking advantage of momentary inattention, escape to the pool.

We recommend that you enclose or cover garden pools and ponds when they are not in use or lock the entrance doors and ground floor windows.

– stressed in the post.



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