Former Frontman of the UFO Band Has Been Legally Convicted for Exploiting Prostitutes

Local News Police

Former frontman of the Hungarian UFO music band has been legally sentenced for two years in prison and fined for three million forints for exploiting prostitutes, the Metropolitan Appellate General of the Capital informed MTI on Tuesday.


Gábor Medveczky said that the Metropolitan Judgment Board recently upheld the first-instance verdict of November last year – due to fencing, fraud and perseverance – with the addition that it ordered the confiscation of property for about 2.7 million forints against the first defendant, the former pop singer.

According to the indictment, between 2010 and 2011, Zsolt V. mediated and expelled Hungarian women to a Swiss brothel through advertisements and personal contacts. The head of the brothel paid a commission for this, and the former singer also asked and received a monthly fee from the women as well as a share of their income from prostitution. The first-degree defendant fraudulently took millions of sums from his three clients, which he promised to invest but spent on himself and his band, the statement said.


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