Fidesz Calls on Karácsony to Probe Danube Boat Procurement Tender

Local News

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz has called on Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony to order an investigation into the public procurement procedure of the Budapest transport company’s Danube boat service.


Zsolt Wintermantel, the Fidesz-delegated member in Budapest’s transport authority BKK, said in a Facebook video on Tuesday that the public procurement tender for an operator for the Danube boat service “raises suspicions similar to the ones around” transport company BKV’s bus leasing arrangements. “Of course, BKV and the mayor are denying everything and saying the same things they said six months ago regarding the bus tender: that there’s ‘nothing to see here’,” Wintermantel said. He called on Karácsony to order a comprehensive investigation into the tender and to prohibit BKV from signing any agreements until the investigation was concluded.

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