The Chinese were thoroughly offended by some of the streets that were renamed in Hungary

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The ball stands around the campus of Fudan University, which is built on a Hungarian loan from the Hungarian tax planned for Budapest. Krisztina Baranyi IX. District Mayor and Mayor Gergely Karácsony, around the future campus of Fudan University, which also tore a significant part of the Student City, have given the names of the streets that are extremely annoying to the Chinese leadership.

The two mayors christened the following otherwise uninhabited streets:

Dalai Lama Road, Uyghur Martyrs Road, Free Hong Kong Road and Bishop Xi Si-kuang Road.

Each name has a political message and, of course (unlike the Hungarian government) does not bow to the activities of the Chinese Communist Party.

Although Levente Magyar, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, told that:

The agenda in China to deal with this is more serious, I think, then what the streets are named in the IX. district

the Asian superpower did not leave the matter without a word.

According to official communications, China despises the politicians involved in the operation, writes AFP.

According to Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for Chinese foreign affairs, Hungarian politicians are inflating issues related to China and hindering cooperation between China and Hungary.

He added that he thought such behavior was despicable.

Photo: Facebook / Krisztina Baranyi

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