A draw was played by the Irish in the Qatar national football team

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Qatar’s football team played a 1-1 draw with the Irish in Tuesday’s preparation match in Debrecen.

As a host, Qatar does not have to play in the qualifiers before next year’s World Cup, but has been placed in Group A of the European Qualifications Series for proper preparation, and his results do not count towards the table.

The Middle Eastern team would have greeted Azerbaijan and Luxembourg on Wednesday in Vienna, but under strict entry rules introduced due to the coronavirus epidemic, a new venue had to be found for the matches, which became the Big Forest Stadium.

The match against Luxembourg last Wednesday was won by the Qatari team 1-0 which then beat the Azerbaijani team 2-1 on Saturday.

In another friendly match on Tuesday, Mexico defeated Costa Rica 1-0 in Vienna.

MTI/Czeglédi Zsolt

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