Boardgame Fun at Roncs Bar

Local News

Date: Thursday 26th of May 6:00 pm

Venue: Roncs Bar (27. Csapó street)

Programme: Boardgame event for everyone again at Roncs Bar.

A group of students decided to conquer the night with board games. A new initiative in Budapest, and now Debrecen, that quickly outgrew the living room, and has become a popular event series, with hundreds of participants: this is the Játszóház Projekt. Our events are great opportunities to get to know new people, have fun and gain world domination. We have more than a hundred games, however you won’t find Monopoly or Hotel amongst them. We prefer the newer generation of games that are much more fun: Dixit, Bang, Creationary, Tikal, etc.. If you don’t know any of them that’s okay, there will be a few organizers to help and get you started. Let’s get high on board games together!


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