Personal Statement Workshop for Undergraduate Application

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Date: 6 April at 16.00-17.30

Venue: American Corner Debrecen

Guest speaker: Ms. Susanne Liaw, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant

Attendance is free but limited.

Please, do not hesitate to register at until April 5, 2016.

American Corner Debrecen offers a free workshop for high school students who are planning to apply to American Universities in the near future. Our American intern Susanne Liaw will deliver the workshop helping and guiding you through the crucial points of how to write a successful personal statement.


Topic of workshop:

What is the personal statement, and why do colleges want to know your life story? How do you show them the “real” you? This 1.5 hour workshop will discuss the purpose of the personal statement. Why do colleges require it? How do they use it to evaluate the applicant, and what qualities are they looking for? We will analyze several successful personal statements and identify the writing strategies that made them powerful. We will then examine the current Common Application essay topics, and begin brainstorming ideas for your personal statement.


Speaker intro:

Hello! My name is Susanne Liaw and I am helping out at the American Corner in Debrecen, when I’m not teaching at the University of Debrecen or Wali Istvan Szakollegium. I am from Los Angeles, California, where I am a high school English teacher. From my experience working with students, I’ve observed that success is not so much about being “smart,” as having a positive attitude, working hard, taking risks, and challenging yourself. So if your dream is to study in the USA and you feel intimidated by the process, don’t be! Ask for help. I got my undergraduate degree in English, and I went to graduate school twice (for English, then Education) so I’ve been through the application process a few times! I’m happy to share my knowledge about the college application process, personal essay writing, and SAT/GRE with you. See you around!


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