Diesel oil prices to rise

Local News

According to an announcement, diesel oil prices are to rise by 4 Forints.

The consumer price of petrol remains 298-299 Forints per liter while the price of diesel oil rises to 300-301 Forints per liter.

Best prices:

Auchan Debrecen:

Petrol: 280.0 Ft/liter

Diesel oil: 284.0 Ft/liter

Envi – Metro Debrecen

Petrol: 288.1 Ft/liter

Diesel oil: 287.7 Ft/liter

OMV– Debrecen, Kassai út 92.

Petrol: 290.9 Ft/liter

Diesel oil: 297.9 Ft/liter


Source: debreceninap.hu


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