AC: How to Write an American Style Essay

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The American Corner Debrecen holds an essay writing workshop, entitled “How to Write an American Style Essay: Essential Steps for Writing a Quality Application Essay” this afternoon from 5 pm.

Presenter: Andrew Gatti, Fulbright Teaching Assistant

Well-formulated essays are a must when applying to colleges and universities. The essay is your chance to highlight your writing skills, your passions, and your personality. Colleges want to know about your character as well as your accomplishments. The essay writing workshops are not only to make your writing better, but also to help you develop as a writer. We will strengthen you as a writer by concentrating on creating thoughtful and articulate arguments that use strong, concise, focused language. Join the workshops to practice your writing skills and receive advice on how to tell your story in a more compelling way that will make the college of your dreams pause and take a second look at what you have to offer them!

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