International Food Day on 25 April

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The FMSA organizes the annual International Food Day on 25 April 2014.

This year we are changing location due to space issues in previous years, but it has only moved to the next road over between the Doctors office and Menza! We need YOU to formulate teams of up to 7 people and message us with the nationality and the members of your team by APRIL 4th!

For the TEAMS:

Please SIGN UP on the google form, found on the link below:

We would like maximum of 7 people per team, so that they can work as efficiently as they can as a team without the teams getting too large. Regarding groups, we are doing a group per nationality, so that we can have as much variety as we can, so this will mean the first team to register for that nationality will be chosen.

FMSA will be providing a certain amount to each team to use and we will go with the team members to purchase their food. We can not reimburse you for things you have bought separately with your own cash because we cannot handle cash directly. So, all ingredients that the team would like the FMSA to pay for, they will eventually have to do this shop with us.


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