MODEM: Josef Nadj’s Miniatures

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26 March – 30 April 2014

The studio exhibition on the third floor of MODEM presents 50 sheets of the ink drawing series of Josef Nadj, dance artist and choreographer. We may get an insight to the more closed and solitary space of the world-famous dance artist, besides his theatrical world. After the performances he obsessedly drew by the nights with the strictness of the miniaturist; the heroes of the small portrays appear in closed cells and cabins with their different attributes, that can be interpreted as the symbols of the Josef Nadj-theatre.

He established the world famous Paris Theatre Jel in 1986. His performances are on the borderline of dance and theatre but his choreographies are recognised as dance-theatre, hallmarked with the name of Pina Bausch. He won the Taormina grand price from the Union of Theatres of Europe in 2001. He is the leader of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts since 2012.

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