Stolen bicycles are looking for their owners!

Local News

“Thief Chasers” of Debrecen have caught a whole criminal gang.

Thief Chasers applied the bait method, they put a bicycle in front of a bicycle store on Füredi Street, where the security camera could record what was happening. The thief arrived at 11 pm, and rode away with the stolen bicycle.

The bait bicycle was supplied with “SpyBike” that turned on 7 minutes after the theft. Thief Chasers followed the signs, which were transmitted by the SpyBike and arrived to a 10-storey house on Böszörményi Street. They rang the bell, an African man opened the door and invited them inside. In one of the rooms, Thief Chasers have found the bait bicycle and two others.

The Police was notified, the man who had stolen the bait from Fürdei Street confessed everything. All residents of the flat, 10 men, were taken to the Police Captaincy.


The two stolen bicycles are looking for their owners:

Red-black Tornado:


Yellow-black Merida:


If anyone recognizes the bicycles, please write to or





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