Parties for New Year’s Eve

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Kossuth Square:

19.15: Gordius Music Company

19.45: Attila Kökény concert

20.15: Gordius Music Company

20.45: Renáta Tolvai concert

21.15: Gordius Music Company

22.30: Mystery Gang concert

24:00: Hymn (Gergő Bíró sings), fireworks

00.15: Gordius Music Company

Neon City and Garden: New Year’s Eve Party

Mokka Drink Bar: New Year’s Eve Party

B2 Restaurant and Bar: New Year’s Eve Party – Live DJ Set

Home Club: Talents Vol. 1 Party – Elektro Groove with Shizuka, Relief, Eddie Adams and Sholece

Cool Club: American Stars NYE Party

White Angel: New Year’s Eve Party with Hamvai PG, Max Tailor, Németi, Stamer and William

My Friends Club: New Year’s Eve Party with DJ Bíró and Corey Veiga

Pince Café and Music Club: New Year’s Eve Party with DJ Nyenyeman

Roncs Bar: Debrec’n’Bass Presents New Year’s Eve with Magical Gravity, Lead vs Rag, Flag vs B-Trek, Giocator vs Store, Prodee vs Octo, Tshabee, MC Szaszanova

Kikötő: New Year’s Eve Party with Spigiboy, Spy The Ghost, Kerozin, Dirty Bangers


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