New Great Forest Stadium – Place of weddings, Flower Carnival, Campus Festival?

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At a press conference help on Friday, Mayor Lajos Kósa announced that both the legal and the financial conditions of constructing the new Great Forest Stadium by the spring of 2014 had been met. Also, he presented the detailed design of the stadium.

“Since the project has been declared a major public investment, the plans that are to be submitted on 2 August must be approved by the government agency within 60 days. This means that in September at latest we can start the procurement procedures for the construction and the work can begin this year.” – the mayor explained at Friday’s press conference. This time, he presented the parameters of the stadium in even greater details than last time. The facility will be home to the city’s largest event hall with a seating capacity for 1500. Even weddings might be held there. Because of the size of the gates, the stadium will be able to host the Flower Carnival procession and Campus Festival, too. When making the plans, the UEFA regulations that will come into force in 2015 were also taken into account. Deputy Mayor, László Papp said that the stadium would be a 5-storey building, with a 370-square meter changing room area and he added that DVSC would operate a souvenir shop and a museum in the facility.


 Source: MTI


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