Tramway II: DISZ Would Revise The Accounts Of The Building

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The organization suggests that besides revision, the Debrecen-based Keviép should control the investment, instead of Arcadom.

According to the two local council members of DISZ, Zoltán Varga and István Dobrossy, Arcadom is not suitable for the control of the investment; hence they are suggesting that Keviép should take over the control. In addition, local politicians requires the revision of partial accounts, because there are some parts of it that are said to be done, when in fact has not even waded in.

László Varga, head of department of town development, says “that all members of the consortium ensured the conditions to the contracting, since it cannot be changed. Partial accounts are paid after the given work was done. The supervisors are monitoring the work constantly, and they attest only those processes which are actually done”.



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