Week of National Parks – Among wild horses and oxen in Hortobágy

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The events of the Week of National Parks began in Hortobágy National Park last Saturday, with an extra safari.

Visitors can spend a night in Hortobágy wildlife park, see the animals there then go on safaris by jeeps in search of wild horses and oxen living on the fields. Lots of other programmes await nature lovers during the special week: hiking, learning about flowering orchid species, getting to know almost all of the typical habitats of the region, visiting a castle park, watching a bird ringing demonstration. The professionals of the Hortobágyi Vonuláskutató Állomás (Hortobágy Migration Research Station) will teach interested ones all there is to know about bird ringing. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the bird species that typically live in the bushy, reedy habitats in Hortobágy: the great reed warbler, the spotted warbler, the nightingale, or perhaps the oriole or the grey flycatcher. On 23 June, visitors can go to the Hortobágy fish ponds by small train. There, they can taste different stewpot-foods and delicacies of fish buffets or play skill games.

Source: MTI

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