Security guards brutally beat up young man in club

Local News Police

The police are investigating the case of a young man who got beaten up by the security guards in Home Club on 27 May.

The young man was about to enter Home Club when a security guard caught him and told him he was not allowed to go in because he was a gipsy. He asked the guard why that was so, upon which the security guards pushed him to a less busy part of the street, beat him up brutally, then pulled him amongst the garbage containers. The man suffered multiple fractures on his nasal bone and severe eye injuries.

A local newspaper tried to talk to the business manager of Home Club, Sándor Oláh who, evading all the questions, exclaimed there was nothing to say on the matter. The operator of Home Club (who is the operator of the adjacent Cool Club and White Angel) is the millionaire businessman László V. who was placed under pre-trial detention in Budapest a few days ago because he is suspected of having corrupted policemen.

Source: MTI

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