Man threatening to hang his child sentenced to 9 years

Local News Police

The man who threatened his wife with hanging their 8-year old daughter in 2010 has finally been sentenced to 9 years in penitentiary by the Court of Appeal in Debrecen.

In April 2010, the intoxicated Gábor Tóth demanded that his wife admitted that she had cheated on him. She refused him, upon which he asked their little daughter if her mother did that and, being terrified, the little girl answered in the affirmative. The accused then beat his wife until her head started to bleed, threatened to kill her and went out of to house only to return with a cable. He formed a hook from one of its end, put it in his daughter’s neck, made her stand on a bench and fastened the other end of the cable against the ceiling. His wife begged him to kill her instead of the little girl but he said he would kill both of them. Meanwhile, two people arrived to the scene to buy meat from the family and one of them diverted the father’s attention, so that the mother could call for help. The jury has found Gábor Tóth guilty in several points and has sentenced him to 9 years in penitentiary. The sentence is final.

Source: MTI

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