“Tell me with whom you cheated me or I’ll hang the child!”

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The Debrecen Court of Appeal started hearing the case of Gábor T. a few days ago. The indictment says that he threatened his wife with hanging their 8-year old daughter unless she told him with whom she had cheated him.

On first instance, the court sentenced Gábor T. to 9 years in penitentiary. The incident happened in 2010. After he and his wife drank some alcohol, he asked his wife for the name of the person with whom she had cheated him. On getting no answer, he beat his wife with a 30 centimeter tool handle, then he put their 8-year old daughter, Diána on a bench in the kitchen, tied a rope around her neck, fastened the other end of the rope to a wooden rod on the ceiling and threatened to hang the little girl. The terrified mother stood beside her daughter and tried to prevent her from falling down. Meanwhile, some guests came who saw what was happening but did not do anything, probably because they did not take it seriously. Fortunately, the mother managed to notify the authorities. The father took the noose from his daughter’s neck only when the police arrived. The policemen had to use pepper spray and physical force to be able to arrest the frenzied man. During the second instance procedure, the medical examiner determined that if certain conditions had been given, the hanging could have caused death.

Source: hajdupress.hu

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