Children with leukemia adopt meerkat family in Debrecen zoo

Local News

The Remény a Leukémiás Gyermekekért Alapítvány (a Debrecen foundation for children with leukemia) had the possibility to adopt the meerkat family living in Debrecen Zoo.

The name of the meerkat family was given by those who closely follow the life of the foundation. They voted on Facebook and iwiw and they chose the name “Szuri-muri” for the family. (“Szuri” from the Hungarian word “szurikáta” for meerkat and “muri” meaning fun in Hungarian – editor). The adoption took place officially on Saturday. On that occasion, the little ones could pet the youngest member of the meerkat family that is only 3 weeks old. The care takers organized other programmes too: the brave ones could hold a snake in their hands and they could go into the cage of the ring-tailed lemurs. About 60 people accepted the invitation of the foundation, mostly sick children and their families. That day, they could put aside sickness, pain, treatment and have fun just like healthy children do.

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