Allergy season arrives

Local News

The allergy season has begun. The pollen of the hazel and the alder cause symptoms for many people already. Experts say the blooming will become intensive during the next few weeks but it’s advisable to start the preventive treatments now.

Dr. Mária Szilasi said that more and more patients went to the pulmonology clinic with allergy symptoms. “Yes, more and more patients come. The cold weather and the late blooming of the early spring trees were favorable for the patients since their problems showed up later. However, if the weather stays so fine, even more patients can be expected to come.”

Although there isn’t too much hazel and alder pollen in the air at present, the level of pollen concentration may multiply in a few weeks. What’s more, the ash and the poplar will also start flowering in the coming weeks. Therefore, experts recommend the allergic start the pre-treatment now.


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