Traffic circle to be built at the university

Local News University

The local government is planning to build two new traffic circles this year. One of them would be at Egyetem ter.The junction (with its three-way traffic and eight crosswalks) at the end of Egyetem sugarut is quite complicated and dangerous both for drivers and pedestrians. It sees many smaller and bigger accidents year by year because of bad visibility and people not knowing or following the traffic rules. A traffic cirle could make the whole intersection much safer. That’s why the local government is planning to construct one there, together with a new bus lane along the even side of Egyetem sugarut, up to Nagy Lajos kiraly ter.

The plans are ready now and the local government will choose the building contractor soon, via a public procurement process. The construction works can start during the summer and, according to the expectations, can be finished for the end of the year.

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