Chinese-Hungarian Clean Energy Center to be established in Debrecen

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On Thursday, the representatives of the municipality of Debrecen, the University of Debrecen and the Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange Institute signed an agreement in connection with establishing and coordinating the operation of the Chinese-Hungarian Clean Energy Center in Debrecen.

Lajos Kósa said that this event is a major step in strengthening the Chinese-Hungarian relations. The center will make researches about energy and its foundation will cost tens of millions of forints. The results would be used in many areas, for example, they might help reduce public lighting or household energy consumption.

Wang Hongliang, counselor of the Chinese embassy in Budapest talked about the fruitful visit of the Chinese prime minister last year during which 12 agreements were signed. He praised Debrecen for its practical investment policy which is manifested in the clean energy center and also, a Chinese –Hungarian LED lamp factory which is planned to be built here in the future.

Rector István Fábián said that the center will provide possibilities for the direct utilization of the professional knowledge produced by the university in the economy. János Rékasi, Chief Counselor of the Ministry of National Economy called the endeavors made by Debrecen an “exemplary model of cooperation between the local government, the academic sphere and the economic sector.”

Source: MTI

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