Hand grenade-injured soldier to continue work in barracks

Local News

The soldier who had an accident during a hand grenade practice on 25 January is going to be taken to a months-long rehabilitation to Honvédkórház (Military Hospital) in Budapest.

After the accident, the soldier was taken to Kenézy Hospital where his severed forearm was amputated. At present, his psychological and physical conditions are good, he isn’t in pain. Following the rehabilitation, he is going to receive a prosthesis which will enable him to continue working in the Kossuth barracks in Debrecen. The hand grenade used by the injured soldier and 24 other hand grenades of the same type were examined in a laboratory but the specialists didn’t find any signs of structure failure or deformation. The expert panel made up of Bocskai soldiers found neither the commander monitoring the practice nor the soldier doing the practice responsible.

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