Hungary: not just a market for Wizz Air

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No one should expect on such low-price tickets on longer term as they are currently
available – says József Váradi, chief executive of Wizz Air. In connection with the
struggle between the above mentioned company and Ryan Air, he claims that the
Hungarian company knows Hungarian market better than any other.As after the bankruptcy of the Malév Ryan Air declared to start plenty of
Budapest flights that are going to be cheaper than flights of other airlines,
Wizz Air is not going bankrupt as a result of its very good position and success
on Hungarian market – he claims. Offering quality travel on law prices, they are
not afraid of being economically defeated. However, on Thursday Malév and Ryan Air
have established an agreement, 2500 Ft tickets cannot survive on longer term.

The market has reacted very quickly on the shutdown of Malév, but it is not sure
at all that all present flights will be maintained. Although the quality of service
cannot be the same as that of the previous company, Váradi is expecting the growing
of number of passengers travelling by Wizz Air. In this year the number of passengers
may even reach 2 – 2.3 million, compared to the 1.4 million of the last year.

In his opinion, bankruptcy of the Malév was a sad but rational and real result of its economic situation,
which may be repeated in the region. He is also refusing the accusation of disadvantageous
contraction, just like that Péter Oszkó, one-time minister of finances, now member of Wizz Air
council, is in connection with the Wizz Air Hungary flight company, but he has been elected
because of his excellent professional background and experiences.

As he claims, company Wizz Air is legally in the hands of Polish and Jersey island
companies. In fact, real owners are European companies and private people. Beside them,
an American financial company is providing financial support.

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