DEENK starts cooperation with transborder libraries

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On Sunday, a professional forum was held at the University of Debrecen with the participation of transborder universities. The participants signed an agreement for mutually providing access to their documents.The library network of the University of Debrecen contains a total of 6.5 million volumes and has a budget of 400 million HUF, compared to which many of the transborder institutions of higher educations are disadvantaged. The University of Nitra, for example, has only 245 Hungarian professional books and very little financial means for improvement. The agreement that was signed by 10 transborder Hungarian institutions provides a solution to these problems. From now on, if the libraries of any of these institutions have extra copies of a publication, they can send these copies to other libraries and they can exchange notes and books published by these universities.


A centennial ball ended two-day series of events on Saturday evening. Hundreds of guests attended the ball held on the ceremonial courtyard of the university.

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