Competition and shooting practice for Bocskai soldiers

Local News

During the last few days, the soldiers were busy with a special competition and a shooting training that prepared them for urban battles.Wearing light tactical gear, equipped with rifles, groups of 25 competed with each other in the 5. Bocskai István scout competition last week. At the different stations of the20 km road, the competitors had to perform various tasks like medevac, hand grenade throwing, azimuth definition etc.


Destroying or damaging military equipment, overcoming enemy forces – the practice of these was the purpose of the shooting training held for the scout troops of MH 5. Bocskai István Infantry Brigade. The soldiers prepared for fighting a potential urban battle by doing hand grenade throwing exercises during which they had to launch hand grenades into a building through the windows and, after the explosions, continue fighting the „enemy troops” with fake bullets.

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