Lajos Kósa on the “economic freedom fight”

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Results of “economic freedom fight” and general consequences of nowadays’ crisis can be adjudged only in longer term. As we can read in the interview given by  Lajos Kósa (the Mayor of Debrecen), he holds the previous Gyurcsány-Bajnai government responsible for our present situation.

Incomes of the budget through additional taxes and the above mentioned „economic freedom fight” can be lost by the low rate of the forint, high Central Bank Interest Rates and heightened state bond proceeds. According to him anti-government protests are without any weight, as the present government is brought to book for such issues, for which previous governments have not been charged.

Leading governmental party ”Fidesz” has not lost so many voters as it could not win the elections even now. What is more, decline of the number of voters in the middle of the governmental term is a natural phenomenon. Protestors in front of the Opera House were voters of the opposition, without any concrete political demand, while those, who have not taken part in the street events, fully agree on the party’s different arrangements.

Among their demands „lacking any concrete political content” was the derogation of scope of authority of the Constitutional court, re-organization of courts, abolishing the function of the ombudsman responsible for data-protection – the last decision has also been criticized by the EU. According to the mayor the system of the Constitutional court will be more democratic, just like the new court-system. The fact that József Szájer’s wife has got the appointed position of the Chief Justice is the result of her 20-year experience on court, no way that of party interests.

In the issue of the critics of health-care with Antal Rogán’s motto „Health is not business!” he denies that as a result of this arrangement employers register their employees on lower salaries in order to be able to add health insurance, which they can provide for the employees as supplement to their payment. He describes this as an additional possibility, from which also the institution of private insurance can profit. Summing it up, will be useful for each side.

According to him, as Hungary has started using all possible tools for reaching his aims, this way is opposing status quo of the EU. Being the first government doing this, may this be the only unusual gest from our country’s side. However, he denies that this way of thinking and acting may lead to heavier financial burdens for the population, what is more, mentions the pensioners’ well-balanced retirements in comparison with the overall EU-situation.

In the matter of the very high rate of Forint, he claims that only the Prime Minister cannot be responsible, but the whole government and the Hungarian National Bank.
From financial point of view, our town, Debrecen has successfully finished the last year – our debt is one billion forints less than have been expected.

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