Nyíl Street murderer may escape prison

Local News Police

The victim’s body hasn’t been found so the defendant may avoid going to prison. He has already withdrawn his confession.The indictment says that in January 2010, Zsolt R. killed his neighbor, an old woman, took her belongings, cut the body into small parts and hid it in different places in Debrecen. The following month, he killed his landlord, too, burgled his house and left the city. He was caught on 3 February, and he admitted everything.


The old woman’s remains haven’t been found. Although Zsolt R. showed the police the 8 outdoor garbage bins in which he had hidden the 10 cm bits, they didn’t find anything because the garbage had already been taken to the landfill where it had been incinerated. The accused withdrew his confession and claimed that he had lied about killing the victims because otherwise the policemen wouldn’t have let him see his mother.

The accused may go free for the lack of evidence. Dr. Ferenc Mohácsi, Zsolt R.’s lawyer said: “My client says he didn’t kill the old lady and he doesn’t even know where she is. To my knowledge, the woman is a missing person so there is no evidence proving that she died which means there’s no evidence proving that she was killed.” He thinks his client should be acquitted of this charge.

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