Pub debate grows into brawl on main square

Local News Police

Last Sunday at around 4.30 am. civil guards on duty noticed 5 people fighting  on Kossuth Square. Two companies of 3 and 5 got into a fight.

The group of 3 was escaping from the direction of Kossuth Street towards the Yellow Church but the other 5 caught them at the fountain. The civil guards intervened then.  They separated the fighters and notified the action team doing service nearby. The police handcuffed the perpetrators, took them to the police station. One of the fighters got serious head injuries and was taken to hospital. Later it turned out that the two groups had an argument in a pub in Kossuth Street which grew into the above mentioned events.

Later that night, a man notified the police and the civil guards that someone had stolen money from him in a club in Piac Street. The authorities started to search for the perpetrators and soon found them on Piac Street. Due to the effective cooperation between the police and the civil guards, the perpetrators were caught  and handcuffed in both cases.


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