National football league: Autumn season is over

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The OTP Bank League of football has ended for this year: the winter break (that begins now after two rounds brought forward from the spring season) lasts until next March.

This weekend saw the 17th turning of the national leauge. The team of Debrecen played against ZTE FC (Zalaegerszeg) in Oláh Gábor Street, and won with a result of 5 – 2.
The match was a fight between the first and the last team of the tabel. The DVSC hasn’t lost any matches, the ZTE hasn’t won any. Knowing these data makes the result more interesting: in the first half, the DVSC was awkwardly weak; the opponent team scored 2 goals. For the second half, the guys of Derecen got together and scored 5 goals in fifteen (!) minutes.

Thus, the team of DVSC is still unbeaten. If the guys can hold this attitude for the spring season, Debrecen will have a champion team again.
Sándor Csányi, president of the Hungarian Football Association, and owner of the OTP group, has evaluated the finished season. He thinks that the rigging scandal hasn’t shaken the Hungarian footballl, what’s more, it has rather strengthened that. According to him, this season is of higher quality that is proven by more goals and more interested people.

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