University research: Human-to-human communication in robotics

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An international research team of the University of Debrecen is planning to create robots that do understand only words and commands, but can sense motions, gestures, inflection and physiognomy as well, and can even take environmental conditions into consideration – just like humans.

The innovative research group consists of computer linguists and professionals from the University of Debrecen dealing with communication theory, digital image processing and robotics, scientists from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the University of Szeged, supported by Finnish, Netherlander and British professionals. The research, which has been subsidized by the EU, can bring revolutionary changes in our everyday lives.

The University of Debrecen gave home for the research during which the behaviour and reactions of 120 students were examined in different situations. The characteristics of human-to-human communications have been analyzed and systematized. The results are planned to be processed and utilized in the future Center of Applied Cognitive Researches in the University of Debrecen.


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