Nearly 100% occupancy at homeless shelters

Local News

More and more homeless people seek shelter from the cold in the Debrecen sanctuaries. The problem is that now they are almost full.

The cold weather killed four homeless people in 3 days in the country. In Debrecen, no such tragedy has occurred in recent years. Any Hungarian resident above 18 years or foreigners having residence permit are welcome to spend the night in the Debrecen shelters. Those who are sick can even eat 3 times a day there. Over the last few days, the rooms have become increasingly crowded.
Although the weather turned cold only a few days ago, the public shelters in Wesselényi Street and Dobozi Street are nearly 100% occupied. From 1 November, hot tea will be distributed regularly among the homeless to prevent or ease musculoskeletal problems, lung diseases and colds.

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