A whole village under Debrecen?

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Not long ago, a more than 6000 years old skeleton was excavated by archeologists in the excavation area near Mikepércs Road. Pottery, furnaces and silver mirrors were also found. Experts say that the findings are unique because they are from four different historical eras.

The 6500 years old human skeleton was found in embryonic posture. In the Neolithic, the deceased were buried in such posture. A clay pot was also placed in the grave. Findings from four different eras were discovered: from the Neolithic Age, the later Bronze Age, the age of the Roman Empire and times preceding the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin. Archeologists say they have found an area excessively abundant in findings.
“We found 2 silver mirrors in the small Sarmatian cemetery, which is pretty rare to happen and 2 other ones were discovered in these graves, too. One of them was intact, the other one had been broken into two pieces before the burial. One piece had been placed next to the head, the other one next to the neck.”- leader of the excavations, Márta Szelekovszky said. The items are to be taken to Déri Museum where they will be cleaned, restored and exhibited.

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