The Hungarian Silicon Field

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The 3 years’ informatics R&D project of the University of Debrecen and 5 joining companies has come to an end. The aim was to develop their company, the Debrecen Informatics Research and Development Service Center Non-profit Ltd. to be a determinating factor in the research and development market of the Northern Great Plain region.

The company was founded to perform information technology research and development, and at the end of the project, it could create products that are valuable on the market and strengthen the economic and scientific connection between the actors of the economy, the university, the city and the region.
During the 3 years of the tender, 10 projects have been implemented. Half of the invested 2 billion HUF was financed by the EU tender.
Based on the pattern of the US Silicon Valley, the „Silicon Field” was founded in the university.

According to Prof. Dr. Attila Pethő, former dean of the Faculty of Informatics, informatics can be a possible break-out point for Debrecen, as the city has proper professionals, new generation from the university and companies that can apply the results of the developments in practice.

Thanks to the project, the brand new Debrecen Card and University Card, an anonymous exam paper correcting method, virtual walk in the university and advance booking of patients will be introduced. As Dr. János Harangi, executive director of the R&D Center says, their most important task now is to start the utilization and the marketing of the project results, for which the market research has already begun.

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