No mercy: 27 pedagogues, 9 staff members to be dismissed

Local News

27 pedagogues and 9 members of school staff will be dismissed due to reorganizations and mergers.

As the number of children has been declining, the Eötvös Street Primary School has been closed recently. Almost all of the children and the workers are going to continue in the Bolyai János Primary School but it’s not possible to employ all of the workers. This leads to dismissals. The employees at Móricz Zsigmond College are in a similar situation.
Tibor Ágoston, a member of Jobbik said that the DMJV Education Committee had promised to eliminate much less posts. According to him, not 27 people but 27 families are the sufferers. The majority of Fidesz members supported the submission, the members of Jobbik voted no while the Socialists abstained.

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