20th Farmer Expo opens in Debrecen

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The opening ceremony of the 20th Farmer Expo was held on Thursday in Debrecen.

The exhibition is interesting even for the youngest ones, most of whom are curious about the animals and the machines. The expo features the world’s largest horse, too. Visitors say the exhibition is an enjoyable family program.
The National Association of Mangalica Breeders has been an exhibitor at the expo for 15 years. This year, they brought striped-backed mangalicas as well. “We’re expecting tens of thousands of people. Now even those can learn about mangalicas and other animals for breeding, who have only heard about them or seen them on TV before.” – Péter Tóth president of the National Association of Mangalica Breeders.
Many food exhibitors came to the expo this year. At the opening ceremony Lajos Kósa highlighted that the small and medium-sized farms should also be supported because these can supply Hungary with good quality food, in contrast with the large scale producers who usually sell food of poor quality. The expo ends on 21 August.

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