Péter Gergényi as suspect

Local News Police

Lawyer Gábor Gulyás confirmed that the former police superintendant Péter Gergényi had been interrogated by the Military Prosecution Service of Debrecen.

The defense attorney said that his protégé would make a complaint against the suspection as he considers it to be fictitious and undue. Details, including the exact charges have not been made public. According to an unnamed source of Magyar Hírlap, the former superintendant is suspected because of the police actions taken during the demonstrations in 2006. Some members of the storming party, obeying Gergényi’s command, did not wear their service identity number on their uniforms, which is declared illegal by a law made in 2005. Lieutenant Colonel Attila Kiss, the deputy officer of Military Prosecution Service of Debrecen confirmed that the prosecution service has been investigating the legality of police actions during the demonstrations of 2006 since last November. He neither confirmed, nor denied that Gergényi’s had been interrogated as suspect, and did not wish to comment on their ongoing case. “The investigation is in progress, interrogations can last for more months”- added Attila Kiss.

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