Campus Festival programme II.

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A detailed list of programmes you can see, hear or participate in at the Campus Festival.(Part 2)

Debrecen – Neo FM Színpad
2:00 pm. Alone In The Moon
2:50 pm. Gr3nade
3:40 pm. Project
4:30 pm. Morze
5:30 pm. Kuttya
6:30 pm. Kávészünet
7:30 pm. Honolulu Stars
8:30 pm. Démegők
9:30pm. Vad Fruttik
10:40 pm. Magashegyi Underground
12:00 am. Óriás

2:00 pm. Baby On The Woods (special prize-winner of the Kelet Underground talent show)
2:50 pm. Fact & Fiction (special prize-winner of the Kelet Underground talent show)
3:40 pm. Morningkill (winner of the Kelet Underground talent show)
4:30 pm. Bearfood
5:30 pm. Rammlied
6:30 pm. Szeg
7:30 pm. Az iStyle és az Educatio Kft. presenting: POP-Debrecen higher educatio party
9:00 pm. Benzin
9:50pm. Angerseed
10:40 pm. Watch My Dying
12:00 am. Isten Háta Mögött


2:00 pm. 1 Másik Zenekar (winner of the Emergenza talent show)
2:50 pm. Karc
3:40 pm. 0690
4:30 pm. Buggz Bunny
5:30 pm. Solar Surf
6:30 pm. Ghost Toast
7:30 pm. Sunny Leon
8:30 pm. Solid Galeri
9:30 pm. A.K.K.E.Z.D.E.T.P.H.I.A.I (CANCELLED!!!)
10:40 pm. Hősök
12:00 am. Ska-Pécs


2:00 pm. Crazy Zone
2:50 pm. Húsdaráló Project
3:40 pm. Hurkatöltő
4:30 pm. Van
5:30 pm. Baker Street Blues
6:30 pm. Dr. Valter Blues Társasága
7:30 pm. Premier Plan
8:30 pm. Frogshow
9:30 pm. Hopika Unplugged
10:40 pm. Kesh
12:00 am. ZUP

Lovarda – Day 0
5:15 pm. D-Nasty
6:00 pm. Apey And The Pea
6:45 pm. Idea Implant
7:45 pm. Aetrigan
8:50pm. Insane
10:10 pm. Subscribe
11:40 pm. Leander
01:00 am. dj Ludmilla

Dub Székház
4:00 pm. Jocker
6:00 pm. Prodee
8:00 pm. Budabeats Night: Suhov
10:00 pm. Budabeats Night: Savages y Suefo
01:00am. Budabeats Night: Gandharva
03:00 am. Corp & Suzuki Samurai

4:00 pm. ER & Balance
6:00 pm. Dr. Juzztice
8:00 pm. Kaiko
09:00 pm. Allied Forces
10:00 pm. PaxTibi
11:00 am. Lanuk
12:00 am. Polyklinik feat. Banyek
01:00 am. Bernáth/y & Sons
03:00 am Zsupi

4:00 pm. Ital Water
6:00 pm. Kisszántó
8:00 pm. Mahagonee
10:00 pm. Legowelt (NL)
12:00 am. Chris Coco (UK)
02:00 am .Grabowsky

Civil Pont sátor
10:00 am. Morning exercise with Lyuhász Lyácint Bt
10:30 am. „RETRO anno” – youths then and now
11:00 am. Games – with the exciting topics of these days
11:30 am. Discussion about addiction-producing drugs
12:30 pm. Blue lights – From partying to prior
1:00 pm. 2011 the year of volunteering in Europe – Ever done that?
2:00 pm. Save lives! Information about blood donation
3:00 pm. Future Laboratory
4:00 pm. Moral satisfaction
5:00 pm. Recharge! – Presenting renewable energy

10:00 am. Morning rock exercises
10:30 am. Discussions with Rock School youths
11:00 am. Games – with the exciting topics of these days
11:30 am. Falcon Show
12:00 pm. Touch it and feel it
12:30 pm. „…mint két kicsi lego.” – About relationships without taboos
1:30 pm. Save lives! –until the ambulance arrives
2:30 pm. Alternative ways of solving conflicts
3:30 pm. Rights of a passenger-always at hand
4 :00 pm. Games without limits

10:00 am. Morning Capoeira
10:30 am. Discussing the past and the future of Capoeira múltjáról – jövőjéről
11:00 am. Games-with the exciting topics of these days
11:30 am. Adventures in Romania-you can experience them
12:30 pm. Who are you? – The X and Y generations
1:30 pm. Are you more intelligent than a dog? – therapy dog show
2:30 pm. Save lives! – about wounds in general
3:30 pm. Cartoons – caricatures and everything else
4:30 pm. Who belongs to the most enduring Campus subspecies? – The ultimate test.

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