Counterfeit clothing found in department store in Debrecen

Local News Police

Customs officers found 1500 pieces of fake brand t-shirt, hat, sweater, pants etc. in a supermarket outlet in Debrecen. The brand has a nationwide network of stores.

The officers of the National Tax and Customs Office found a more than 36 million HUF of counterfeit apparel goods in two locations. The officers accompanied by an expert found 1500 pieces of fake shirts, hats, sweaters and pants /NIKE, CAT,CALVIN KLEIN/.
The experts of the authority also searched a temporary storage facility in Tuzser where they found 5000 pieces of low quality T-shirts and shirts with fake (LACOSTE, ARMANI, GUCCI, TOMMY HILFIGER) brand logos inside a truck which came from Turkey and was heading to Ukraine. The officers seized the large quantity of counterfeit clothing products in both locations and started an investigation of counterfeiting.

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