Municipality of Debrecen goes to court

Local News

Debrecen Municipality made a complaint against an unknown person.

The municipality has revealed accounting problems at Debreceni Dehusz Nonprofit Human Service Ltd. These mistakes led to an accumulated 33 million HUF debt. So the city`s assembly dismissed the company`s previous manager under extraordinary termination with immediate effect. The company’s owner, Debrecen Municipality subsequently launched an investigation which also revealed a series of other irregularities.

Debrecen`s local government highlights the importance of the rule of law, protecting community property and the funds available for regular use. The local government wanted to comply with statutory obligations. Now the police are investigating the case.

Debrecen Nonprofit Human Service Ltd. (Dehusz) was founded by the city of Debrecen. The company is involved mainly in cleaning the streets and parks and public areas and also takes part in the discharge of ragweed by employing community workers.

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