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On the new year concert of the band Tankcsapda both the mood of people and the volume were both high. But some people don’t like these noisy programs on the main square of Debrecen.

Four years ago, 3 people living in Piac Street filed suit against the local government and the Fonix Rendezvenyszervezo Zrt because the events organized continuously on Kossuth Square didn’t let them sleep. The lawyer representing the plaintiffs said that the organizers ignore the noise requirements and they often make noise on the main square even after 10 o’clock. According to him, this is unacceptable even if his clients acknowledge the fact that events are often held at night in the city centre.
“The balance between public and private interest should be maintained but at this moment, private interests are pushed into the background. I don’t think this is the right attitude that is why we filed suit.” – said Erika Ulics, lawyer to local DTV.
At first instance the Szolnok City Court decided that the local government and the organizers have to observe the noise requirements but it declined the plaintiffs’ claim for a compensation of half a million HUF. The plaintiffs appealed because they think they are entitled to receive that compensation. They are trying to prove their right with opinions by experts. The case is continued to be dealt with on second instance.

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