Wedding exhibition in Lovarda

Local News

Interested ones can see at least 1000 wedding dresses at the XII. Debrecen Wedding Exhibition and Fair at this weekend.

The 50.000th couple, whom these exhibitions help with organizing their wedding will be welcomed at 8th or 9th January in Lovarda. The Debrecen Wedding Exhibition has become one of the oldest exhibitions, with solid traditions. Instead of various programs, the couples are attracted by the large number, spectacular appearance and the first class qualification of the exhibitors and these also give them the insurance that they will be able to organize their wedding in two days.
100 companies on 1500m2 expect those couples who are planning their wedding and those who seek pleasant recreation at the cold and grey January weekend. What we already know is that there will be at least 1000 wedding clothes from 17 salons. There will be incredible sales: a jeweler will give a diamond as a gift in case a couple buys wedding rings, or if they rent a chocolate fountain, they will get the chocolate for free. Beyond these, there will be a mixer show, a laser show, giant chocolate fountains and you can meet the most beautiful bride of the country, too.

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