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The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce want to revise the privatization contracts
and introduce compulsory membership of the Chamber of Commerce.

Laszlo Parragh president of the organization said that the current economic policy can not continue. The 160th years anniversary meeting of the Chamber was held in Debrecen.

Ferenc Miklossy president of the county`s chamber said the goal today is the same as what it was 160 years ago: to protect the domestic industry and trade.

Laszlo Parragh the president of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce said in his presentation that in those sectors with a significant presence of foreign capital a lt of money flowing out of the country. In the energy sector between 2003 and 2008 the foreign investors earned 107 percent of the the value of capital invested. In the trade sector they gained 80%. The biggest gains realized in the financial sector where they have 150% of the invested capital just in five years period. Therefore the president proposes a review of the privatization contracts.

– I think that you need to sit down with these companies, you should talk that the world
is changed and we want to take part in a fair trade and also want to feel comfortable.

The President stressed that the chamber is capable of bringing together and to represent the economy. The North Great Plain Regional Development Council`s chairman, Zoltan Pajna spoke about the EU funds and the economic stimulus. He ordered an accelerated payout to contractors in september to help the local economy.

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