The twentieth anniversary of the MEZON Youth Office

Local News

The past two decades the Youth Office tried to help and give advice to young people. On the special birthday former leaders, founders recalled the work of 20 years.

János Halász, deputy mayor for cultural affairs said that the agency has undergonemany changes and development. The staff and volunteers of the agency done the utmost to provide a proper place and shelter for the youth in the heart of the city.

The word has changed a lot in the last 20 years. In theearly nineties the office was full with young people, now with professionals. As a result the agency’s service can be competitive not only at home but in the international scene also. The institution were able to simultaneously carry out information providing and social service from the very beginning. The agency was involved in the european social system,successfully participated inEU tenders and competitions and a number of new services were introduced.

They launched the Vekeri Lake Festival, which is nowthe well-known Campus Festival. They organized a various of events or took a particapant role.

Now, the Debrecen Youth Service Ltd. operating as a non profit agency, is on the verge of a new era. With the aid of a 500 million forints EU fund the Office can further strenghtenits role in the life of the city.

Within two years the office will moving to the building of the former elementary school in Simonffy street. This new multifunctional youth centre the MEZON can work together with other civil society organizations with a similar profile for the good of the youth of Debrecen.

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