The FBI searched Donald Trump’s house, they left with a pile of documents


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigators appeared at Donald Trump’s residence in Florida on Monday afternoon local time.

The former president confirmed the press reports in a message posted on social media. The FBI did not comment on the action, nor did it say what court authority they were acting on.

According to the information from the New York Times, the people of the authority were looking for classified documents that the former president took with him after the end of his term of office. Other reports link the house search to the events of January 6, 2021.

– according to consistent reports, they left the house with 15 boxes of documents.

In a statement, Donald Trump called the unannounced house search unprecedented, which has never happened to any former president.

The authority’s action was “neither necessary nor appropriate”, prosecutorial overreach and the use of the justice system as a weapon

– wrote the former president.

At the time of the official action, Donald Trump was not at the Mar-o-Lago complex in Florida. According to news reports, pro-Trump protesters appeared near the Florida home after news of the search leaked.



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