A huge cargo ship is stuck in the Suez Canal


One of the world’s largest cargo ships crisscrossed and got stuck in the Suez Canal on Tuesday, holding up the freight on a key east-west waterway – the company that operates the ship, Evergreen Marine in Taiwan, confirmed to the Financial Times on Wednesday.

According to data from ship tracking satellite operators, a container giant named Ever Given crossed and ran ashore Tuesday morning near the southern end of a narrow waterway that crossed Egypt. Tugboats are now making desperate attempts to free it.

It is not yet known what caused the accident, which caused the container carrier to block traffic, a large number of ships were congested behind it.

The evergreen on Wednesday said their ship had gotten from the Red Sea into the Suez Canal on Tuesday morning.

“About six nautical miles from the southern end of the canal, the ship was presumably hit by an unexpectedly strong gust of wind, this changes in its direction of travel, which will thus inadvertently not be a part of it,” Evergreen Marine specified.

At MarineTraffic.com. according to vessel tracking application data, the nose of the container carrier was clamped to the east wall of the canal and its stern wedged to the west side.

The 120-mile canal, which was completed in 1869 and connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea and Asia, is crossed by about 50 ships a day when traffic is uninterrupted.

Samir Madani, a spokesman for TankerTrackers, which tracks tankers, told the British Economic Times that the accident is currently being delayed by the delivery of about 10 million barrels of oil.



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